Welcome to NERETY, the leading platform for the sale and distribution of fashion items from the best national emerging brands.

When you shop at Nerety, you buy unique pieces from growing brands from Spanish boutiques, specially selected by our professional team. We work with the best current fashion entrepreneurs.

This unique model guarantees a wide range of parts to buy, different styles from brands that have just hit the market, or have been around for a while. All with a common denominator: The love of fashion and the enormous desire to expand. In this range, you will discover unique pieces that you will not find anywhere else.


At Nerety we aim to create something unique and special for everyone, making the consumer feel part of the family. Our garments inspire the new generation of creatives to follow their passion. We realized that the traditional path did not suit us.

One of our missions is to unlock the power of small business, and connect creators, curators, and consumers. To be the reference platform where all those who want to dress in a unique and different way acquire products, contributing their grain of sand to small national businesses. 

At Nerety we promise you the best shopping experience on the internet. A truly unique shopping experience with access to the widest selection of young brands on a single platform.

We highly value differentiation, elegance and creativity when it comes to dressing. Our garments, and the cultural values they embody, combine tradition and innovation, igniting dreams and fantasy. All this will guide the Nerety client to success.

Do you join the rebel movement?


At Nerety you can find unique and timeless garments for him and for her. We want to be the most customer-focused company in the world, where customers find unique and personalized fashion in the same online store.

We ensure the development of each of our brands respecting their identities and autonomy, providing the necessary resources to create, produce and market their products and services through carefully selected channels. 

We want a better shared future that makes a difference in the lives of people, communities and our planet. The operations of our activity are carried out in an economic, responsible, social and environmentally sustainable way.

Nerety breaks with social limits and with creative and aesthetic barriers. We are a new modern platform for fashion and cultural expression. We believe in each one of the people.