BlueBlue Chihuahua

Blueblue Chihuahua is a Valencian brand that was born as a result of a "summer night" dream. Its founder and main driving force had a fascination with the sea, nature and sports since he was a child. All this led him to create his own brand under the name Blueblue Chihuahua, whose name pays homage to his grandfather's passion for the sea and which he has always shared with him since he was a child. It seeks at all times to create comfortable garments of the highest quality with which people feel good and free. Each garment has its own design, different and optimistic.

Blueblue Chihuahua is dedicated to the development of own designs manufactured in Spain with high quality materials that stand out for the small details while respecting the environment. This brand brings to fashion its passion and dedication in everything it does and its entrepreneurial spirit mixing tradition, innovation, art and reality.

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